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Thank you for the opportunity to tell you about our cassette to CD transfer service. We have been transferring cassettes from analog to digital formats since 2001.

Using our conversion / transfer service guarantees that the best hardware and highest quality software will be used in converting you tapes to CD. We have been in the recording industry for over 30 years and have experience with every type of audio to digital transfer possible.

To our customers, we have become a reliable and affordable provider of cassette to CD transfer services for all their conversion needs.

You the customer

Do you have a box full of great music on cassette that you used to listen to? Or do you have the voice of a loved one or friend who is no longer with you? Or a band that you or your brother played in long ago?

Now you have a CD player but no cassette tape player to play those old tapes on. Let us do a cassette to CD transfer and preserve those wonderful memories on a CD that you can play on a modern CD player.

Cassette to CD Discount Pricing

Number of Cassettes to Transfer

Price per Cassette

(up to 80 minutes)





21 - 100


101- 250


251 - 500


501 - 750


751 - 1000


1001 +

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All Transfers include, at  NO EXTRA CHARGE:

  1. Full Color Labels

  2. Jewel Cases

  3. Indexing

  4. Noise Reduction

  5. Removal of Long Blank Spaces.

  6. Normalization (Volume increase if needed)


Call Us  at 800.894.0830 if you have any questions or Contact Us

    Need Additional Copies for Family or Friends?

    Need additional copies of your new CDs? They are just 6.95 and will be exactly the same, in every way, as the original CD.

    We keep all transfers on file for 30 days so in the event you need additional copies, we can  get them to you quickly. There's no  need to re-send us your recordings. 

 How to Order Your Cassette to CD

1. Fill Out the Order Form with all your contact information, and the number of recordings  you are sending.

2. On the order form, choose the payment method you'd like to use.

3. Print out the form and place  it in a  box along with your recordings and send them to the address on the form.

4. Once we receive your recordings  here, we will notify you by email. Still have a question? Then please Contact Us.

That's it!!  

Cassette to CD  / Audio-Restorations
5779 Desoto Dr.
Santa Rosa, CA 95409

Our Process

Your cassette tape is played only once. We then use only high end professional audio equipment and professional audio
software to clean up as much tape noise as possible. After your cassette is converted to digital we use Taiyo-Yuden CDs,
the finest CDs available.

Track markers are added to the CD at no extra cost. The format of the digitized cassette is the same format as a
store-bought CD. After that, we add a custom label to the CD and to the jewel case. Where it is available we use the
image that is on your cassette.

If no image is available we create custom labels. Of course you can specify what you would like to appear on the CD.

After the new CD is tested the cassette and the CD are then returned to you via USPS Priority Mail.

Because a CD can only hold about 80  minutes, we have to put 90 and 120 minute cassettes onto two CDs and then
put the CDs into a standard size double CD jewel case.

For cassette repairs go to cassette-repair.